Energy Efficiency Credit

Everywhere in the world, there is a tendency for the most rational use of energy sources. Because they are an exhaustive source, it is important for each of us to take action to prevent them from delaying their full use. We offer you a convenient and reasonable way to purchase your desired gas appliance.
Each household can receive a grant amounting to the BGN equivalence from 350 to 2000 Euros.

The REECL program provides households across the country with the opportunity to take advantage of energy efficiency benefits and receive targeted consumer credits and grants through the network of Bulgarian commercial banks - partners of the program.

The facilities and services offered by OVICLIMA meet the highest energy efficiency requirements and are approved by the REECL program. For each device you choose, you can get 20% of its amount free of charge.

For more detailed information, you can visit the sites of banks working on the REECL program.

ProCredit Bank
Raiffeisen Bank
DSK bank

More credit information

• Energy Efficiency Credit can be received by each household.

• If you are interested, we will prepare the appropriate participation forms to apply for a credit and a grant under the Energy Efficiency Program at home.

• The next step is an assessment by the lending bank of your creditworthiness, the feasibility of your project as an energy-saving source.

• Once the project has been successfully implemented, the funding bank grants you 20% of the capital expenditure you have paid.

• In addition to heaters, the following energy-saving products are included in the energy efficiency program:

- Energy-saving windows
- Insulations of walls, roofs / ceilings, floors
- Biomass energy-saving boilers / combustion chambers with or without adjacent heating and hot water systems
- Solar heaters with or without adjacent heating and hot water systems
- Energy-efficient gas boilers with or without adjacent heating and hot water systems
- Energy-efficient heat pump systems (air conditioners)

Detailed information can also be obtained at