Wall mounted combined condensing boiler.

Heat output - heating 24.1 kW
Heat output - DHW 28.3 kW
Dimensions (BxhxD) 748 x 440 x 256 mm
Type Combined, with continuous DHW production
Power Modulation From 4.3 to 24.1 kW
DHW flow rate 13.5 l / min




Everything you need, instant and in a small space

This is the latest line that expands the Immergas range with boilers that target consumers looking for quality and simplicity. All boilers are condensing and, most importantly, they have full pre-mixing for more efficient gas saving. Their compact dimensions make them convenient to install and great flexibility in adapting them to new installations or replacing existing boilers in buildings as well as outdoors in partially protected atmospheric zones.

There are two combined versions - 28 and 32 kW, as well as a 24 kW version for heating only, for combining with DHW boilers of different capacity. The whole range is equipped with a condensing module including a stainless steel coil and is designed to meet the latest requirements of the European Energy Efficiency Directives.

VICTRIX TERA boilers are certified with Class 6, the highest ecological classification in Europe, thanks to their low NOx emissions.

The control is simple, the LCD displays are intuitive and the adjustment and control buttons are easy to understand and easy to operate.

VICTRIX TERA can be managed remotely using the new DOMINUS app application. This simple, intuitive application lets you manage your boiler and view the operating parameters of your tablet, smartphone, or laptop computer.

• Combined model for heating and domestic hot water production

• Modulation range of heating power from 4.3 to 24.1 kW

• Modulation power range for DHW from 4.3 to 28.3kW