VICTRTIX TT ErP Advanced technology manufactured in Italy.

VICTRIX TT ErP - boiler symbolizing Immergas's 50th anniversary - launches a generation of boilers designed for new installations and especially for replacement in existing systems. The whole range is designed to meet the latest requirements of the European Energy Efficiency Directives, increasing the use of condensing technology to better achieve the high efficiency class for heating and domestic hot water. The TT symbol comes from "Top Tech", a cutting-edge technology.

VICTRIX TT ErP is manufactured on a new high-speed line in the central production center of Bresello and features an innovative condensing module that guarantees extremely high flow rates and pressure to the heating circuit, low risk of clogging from system dirt and greater resistance to corrosion thanks to the specially used alloy for its production. To further reduce costs, we've implemented a new board that modulates boiler output from 12.5 to 100%, a prerequisite for reducing energy costs in transition seasons. In addition to its extremely low environmental impact, this boiler features an advanced easy user interface with buttons and an LCD display for status visualization and operating errors. There are four different versions of VICTRIX TT ErP: two combined and two only for heating. As a lead with many years of experience and numerous developments and innovations, IMMERGAS offers optional equipment kits that allow the solving of specific problems and case studies for each individual customer.

VICTRIX TT ErP can be supplemented with:

- an installation management kit divided into zones;

- relay board;

- set of shut-off valves of the installation;

- dispenser kit for polyphosphates;

- cyclonic magnetic filter.

• Combined model for heating and domestic hot water production

• Modulation range of heating power from 3 to 20,5 kW

• Modulation power range for DHW from 3 to 23,3kW

• High efficiency and low emissions thanks to the use of condensing technology

• Condensate module of aluminum-silicon-magnesium alloy

• Electronic adaptation according to the resistance of the installed flue gas system

• Electronic low-power pump

• Adjustable bypass for the heating circuit

• Continuous adaptive fuel gas control via electronic gas valve, detector electrode and fan

• DHW flow rate 12.2 l / min

• Combined with solar systems with an additional temperature probe

• Automatic venting function of the heating system

• Optimal seasonal efficiency thanks to the thermoregulation options such as CAR V2 and outdoor temperature probe

• Possibility for external installation in partially protected areas

• Standard anti-freeze system up to -5 ° C and optionally up to -15 ° C

• High class IPX5D power

• Compact size 748 x 440x 276 mm

• Online control, control and service diagnostics with the DOMINUS WEB Communicator